Mission Statement, Aims & Ethos

School Mission Statement & Vision  
Every school needs to have a clear set of aims and ethos in order to pursue excellence. Below you'll find an outline of ours which will show you the educational model that we strive for.
School Mission Statement

At Skelton Community Primary School we aim to value the whole child, celebrate every child, and maximise the learning potential of all our children.


School Vision

  • We believe that when governors, children, staff and parents demonstrate politeness, care and respect our school is happier.
  • We believe that when we work as a team, sharing individual strengths, our school is stronger.
  • We strive to be a positive influence and resource in our community, listening to its members.
  • We strive to prepare the children in our care for their part in the local, national and global community.

School Slogan

Growing in respect, knowledge and understanding together.