March 2018

1st March 2018
World Book Day 2018
The snow delayed our WBD but we all celebrated the following day by coming to school in our book character clothes or pyjamas! We created bookmarks based on our favourite book, shared stories and each class got treated to a story told by the older children.  It was a lovely way to end a cold and snowy week!
Science Week
Willow and Oak class started Science Week off by taking part in a Healthy Food Workshop.  The children very carefully peeled, chopped and grated different healthy foods to make delicious wraps.  They also explored the 'invisible world of microbes' and shared their knowledge about germs and the importance of washing hands.
Beech class had a visit from Mr Orr at Vale of York Academy who put them through their paces in the gym hall.  Children completed a fitness challenge and had to demonstrate and measure flexibility, speed, strength and balance.
Sycamore class celebrated Science Week with a visit from Mr Rampling and Mrs Rhodes from Vale of York Academy, who involved the children in a lesson to do with the dissection of a heart and lungs and how the human body works.  The children were full of awe and wonder!
Sycamore Class Sleepover
As a reward for a great term and mature behaviour, Sycamore class were allowed to have a sleepover at school, funded by the money they made at the Vale of York fayre!  There were games, films and lots of chattering! Mrs Bromley, Ms Frankish and Miss Bates stayed the night too and were relieved when the children eventually decided to go to sleep at 3am! They didn't appreciate the early morning (6am!) risers though...
Easter Celebrations
Our Easter Egg and Easter Bonnet Assembly, as always, showcased the talent and creativity of the children!  There was The Greatest Showman, LOL Surprise and many more very imaginative bonnets and boiled eggs.  It was a truly eggcelent display...