9th February 2018
Beech Class trip to Yorkshire Museum - 20th February 2018
Beech class visited the Yorkshire Museum to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians and their death rituals.  They made amulets, played some Egyptian games and even had a go at removing someone's organs (not real!) which is what the Egyptians would have done after death.
New look to the friendship bench area
The children were very excited to return after half term and see the changes made to the area around the friendship bench. The muddy, dull area was transformed by the installation of `Fleximulch' surfacing, renovation work to the friendship bench and finally the sections of render have been painted in bright primary colours to match with the school `House' colours.
A great new space for the children to play and be active.
Superhero Day
North Yorkshire Police visited with four of their vehicles on Friday 9th, which was Superhero Day in Willow and Oak class!  Children loved learning about all the jobs the Police do and got to sit in the van, see what weapons (replica) the armed response unit use, and were even handcuffed!! We even had a flyover from a very well-timed helicopter - amazing!!! 
Lots of the children have decided they now want to be superhero police officers when they are older!
Sycamore class had a workshop with two members of CYC's Yorwellbeing team.