1st October 2018

KS2 took part in an assembly facilitated by an organisation called ‘The York Stars’.  The assembly addressed issues surrounding mental health in an age appropriate way.  There was then a workshop focusing on emotional resilience, trust and working with others.

Our newly-formed football teams played a couple of games this month, culminating in Year 3/4's superb win over Yearsley Grove!  We are looking forward to the lighter nights so we can keep training together and win some more matches!!
Skelton OOSC held a Hogwarts Halloween afternoon, where young wizards and witches were presented with a handwritten Hogwarts acceptance letter and chose a Hogwarts house to represent them for the afternoon. 
There was wand decorating (with each wand accompanied by a scroll detailing its properties and abilities), a charms class, fun dueling in the hall, a feast of spooky Halloween-themed snacks and treats, gooey lucky dip with each team winning a chocolate frog AND a potions class with fun and creative experiments!