February 2019

1st February 2019

Willow & Oak Trip to Snozone in Castleford
As part of our topic 'Polar Regions' Willow and Oak class travelled to Castleford to enjoy a day at Xscape! We met Snowy the polar bear who helped us make sure were kitted out with our waterproofs and helmets!  We then made our way up the huge snow slope - it took us quite a while! We arrived at the top to be caught in a snowstorm, which meant we had to take it in turns to hide in the tent at the top.  Poor Mrs Johnson then caught hypothermia!  Luckily, we had packed a first aid bag and stretcher and managed to get her back down the slope to safety.
We had cookies and hot chocolate to warm up, before taking to the slopes for some sledging!  The children (and staff!) had an amazing day! One pupil said:
"This is better than Christmas!"
Year 5 Trip to Vale of York Academy
Our Year 5's were invited to attend a Science Showcase at Vale of York Academy.  They learned how to make fireworks, used the bunsen burners for the first time and got to examine things slides and organisms under a microscope.
Chinese New Year in OOSC

Our Chinese New Year event went down a treat!  Everyone had a taste of some unfamiliar snacks and treats - the red mandarin oranges were especially popular.  We created some interesting candles and decorated some beautiful lanterns, but the absolute favourite activity of the night was all about our dragon dance!  First, we attached a long, flowing piece of red material to a cardboard box.  Next, we grabbed some sharpie pens and turned our box into a fierce Chinese dragon – we even added some feathers for his fiery breath.  Finally, we took our completed dragon into the hall and got everyone under it for a great big dance around the hall.  The children absolutely loved it, and we even went to visit Mrs. Poulter in the library!

MINSTER FM Test the Teacher!
Ben Fry and his team from the breakfast show visited school to record their segment 'Test the Teacher'.  It was the turn of Miss Bates, who'd swotted all weekend and practised her cup-stacking skills! Listen to the segment and see where she came on the leaderboard on the Minster FM website...!  Well done Miss Bates - it's just a shame that your record 7-second stack didn't count as it wasn't the timed attempt!