Meet our Governors

We are pleased to introduce you to the members of our Governing Body:
  • Mrs Alison Halley


    My name is Alison Halley. I am the Headteacher on the governing body. I have been a teacher for 24 years, starting my career in Tyneside. I have a wealth of primary school experience, working in 4 different education authorities, in Faith and Community Schools and have experience of teaching all age groups. I have been a Headteacher for 13 years and find the role hugely rewarding and interesting. I have been involved in school governance matters since 2002. I feel that working strategically with the governing body is a hugely important part of my role as Headteacher. Outside of school, when I find myself with some spare time (rarely!), I enjoy being outdoors -walking, musical activities, relaxing with family and going to the theatre.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date: 1/9/2011 to date

  • Mrs Judy MacDermot

    Chair of Governors & Literacy Governor

    My name is Judy MacDermot. It is a very great pleasure to accept such a worthwhile role as Chair of Governors, to play my part in helping Skelton Primary School continue to build on its success as the school of choice for children and teachers. To this I will bring my qualifications, teaching experience and management skills derived from a long career as a teacher in the UK, the Far East and the Middle East and ultimately on my return to the UK, as the joint founder and head of the English Language Centre, York.

    Throughout my career I have always been mindful of the needs of the children and young people in my care. My aspiration for the children of Skelton Primary School is that they will not only leave the school having fully achieved their academic potential but also as well-rounded, responsible, young people able and willing to contribute to their community and society as a whole.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 23/1/17-22/1/21

  • Mr Tim Stead

    Vice Chair & Maths Governor

    My name is Tim Stead and I am a local vet, living in Skelton, with a veterinary practice in York. I have been a Governor at Skelton Primary for 20 years and serve on the Parish Council, so I provide a long term link to the local community. I am currently Acting Chair of Governors and a Maths Governor.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 11/5/15-10/5/19

  • Mrs Gillian Little

    Parent Governor

    My name is Gillian Little and I was elected Parent Governor in December 2016. I have four children ranging in ages from 21 years down to 4 years. I work part time in the Family Department of a local firm of solicitors and also do voluntary work for St. Leonards Hospice. I don’t get much free time but when I do I enjoy reading, cooking and walking.

    My two youngest children attend Skelton Community Primary School. I decided to become a Parent Governor as I feel passionately that all children attending Skelton School should come away with having had a fantastic educational experience, wonderful memories and an excellent start in education to base their future on. Skelton is a unique small village school that encourages every child’s potential with its nurturing and caring environment.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 9/12/16-8/12/2020

  • Mr Steve Windass

    Safeguarding Governor


    My name is Steve Windass and I have been a governor at Skelton Primary since 2012 when I took up the role as a community governor. My background is in outdoor activities instruction, such as rock climbing and canoeing, and in social care work for charities. At the moment I am working with children with challenging behaviours.

    I have been helping to provide activities, such as climbing, to the school since 2007.

    I am also part of the Health and Safety team at school.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration:11/5/15-10/5/19

  • Mr Chris Linfoot

    Health & Safety and Maths Governor

    My name is Chris Linfoot and I have lived in Skelton for 32 years. My own children went to Skelton school and now my grandchildren attend.

    My wife was a governor back in the 1980s and now being retired I also felt the need to put something back into the school and village.

    My strength I believe is forging links with the school and local community for which I am actively involved.

    I am a Parish Councillor, member of Skelton Village Trust, Chairman of the Friends Of Skelton Pond and warden at Moorlands Nature Reserve for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

    I am proud of our school and think it is a great asset to the local community and education of our children.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 25/1/16-24/1/20

  • Mr Tony Bower


    My name is Tony Bower. I am the Executive Officer for York Schools and Youth Trust, and I live in Skelton. I am very keen to support my local school and community in any way I can. My wife is a primary school teacher and I work in a number of schools. I think teachers do an amazing job and need encouraging in the changes and challenges they face. Children need to be given the best education and environment to develop in, and these reasons motivate me to help as a school governor.

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 14/3/16-13/3/20

  • Mrs Kerry Roberts


    My name is Kerry Roberts. Since retiring from full time Primary classroom teaching I have kept my hand in by working for the WEA and Family Learning. I teach a range of courses from Special Educational Needs and Disability for Volunteers in the classroom for the WEA to What I Need to Know About Early Years and English Functional Skills for Family Learning.

    In my last teaching post I was also a Governor at the school in the role of Staff Governor, I believe the role of Governors is crucial for schools to help them function and grow. I am also on the committee of Foss, which is really rewarding and gave me the chance to be one of Santa's helpers!

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 23/1/17-22/1/21

  • Mrs Hazel Greenwood

    SEN Link Governor

    My name is Hazel Greenwood and I have lived in Skelton for 25 years. My children, who are now adults, attended the school. I have had varied roles over the years, including being a Volunteer, Supply Teacher, Class Teacher in Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 as well as SENCO. Since my "retirement "in 2012, I have been kept busy working in a small, rural school in North Yorkshire, where I work with all children from EYFS to Year 6 . I think Skelton Primary School is a special place to be . I was happy to be accepted as one of their Governors and I will do my best to support everyone to ensure that Skelton Primary gives the children of our community the best education and environment in which to develop and thrive .

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 23/1/17-22/1/21

  • Mrs Gill Johnson

    Staff Governor

    My name is Gill Johnson and I have lived in Skelton for 33 years. My two daughters went to Skelton school and currently my grandchildren attend.

    I became a volunteer helper here in 1995, while acquiring the relevant qualifications necessary to progress to Teaching Assistant in 1998.

    Over the last 19 years I have continually added to my professional development, successfully achieving my Higher Level Teaching Assistant status in 2007.

    I have been a staff governor for several years.

    Away from school I enjoy family time, sunshine and holidays!

    NO PECUNIARY INTERESTS. Appointment date and duration: 11/5/15-10/5/19